Thursday, October 05, 2006

How ´bout yet another lil´Adventure...?

My Mom always said: "Don´t you go getting pregnant before I am 50 years old!"

My cousins said: "Enjoy just being the two of you, you have no idea how much a baby will change your lives!"

A friend of mine said: "Enjoy yourselves at least for a year or so, travel, work, do crazy things! You can have babies later!"

My grandmother said: "It won´t make a difference whether or not you´ll have a baby now or in a year from now... you´ll do whatever you´ll have to do regardless, a baby won´t hold you back."

Three weeks ago, in a beautiful Viennese castle, my husband said: "I do.", and so did I.

Two days later I joked: "I want to make a little Mexican in Mexico."

On the airport, my mother threatened: "You KNOW I am not yet 50 years old!"

Apparently, my husband doesn´t like my mother. Somewhere in the middle of his beautiful home country, he suddenly said: "Ooops."

Then he grinned. And so did I.

Two weeks later I threw a stick sporting two bright pink lines at my husband.


Welcome to Q´s surprise pregnancy blog! :)


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