Friday, October 06, 2006

Blessed Be

Yesterday marked the first day of us unveiling our little secret.(*) In all honesty I didn´t want to say anything before I have my Doc´s OK on everything, aside from the fact that I have promised my beloved grandparents that they would be the first ones to know, should I ever get pregnant.

Circumstance has made me reconsider, though... Geo has a rare opportunity to be with his family, whom he hasn´t seen for eight years prior to right now, and moreover it was FIL´s birthday. I thought about how we´d deprive ourselves of their reaction if we dropped the news to them in a couple of weeks over the phone, so I ditched my original ideas in favor of Geo, and a more immediate response.

What I didn´t expect was my FIL´s reaction, after the joy and the congratulations: "Oh, I knew she was pregnant right when you came in a few days ago."

"Uh, how? We just found out a couple of days ago..." - "It´s obvious!" - *a puzzled look down on myself* - "There are changes in a pregant woman´s body... and it´s in your eyes. Son, watch for the change in her eyes in the upcoming months."

Changes in my body? Are The GirlsTM visibly bigger already? I can barely feel the change with my full hands pressed on them, how can my FIL tell by merely looking at me? How come he knows my original boob size by sight and can recognize such a subtle change? A little disconcerting, much...?

My MIL, currently working her tail off in Los Angeles, had to hear it over the phone, but her squeal of delight was audible even a meter away from the receiver. So that went over well, and all in all made me feel surprisingly proud of myself - ourselves.

Other´s people knowing somehow makes this more real - because despite my almost constant dizziness, my skipped period, and the positive home pregnancy test, I haven´t quite wrapped my mind around the reality of this yet. It´s almost like the day I took the test I was pregnant because it said so, but today is another day, and I haven´t taken a test, so I am most certainly not pregnant. And that, even though The Booger already looks something like this:

Now´s to see if there is any getting out of the "blessing" by a Catholic priest that my FIL has threatened to gift me with today. Bless the atheist and her unborn child... yes? I think the pending revelation that our child shall not be baptized or in any other way exposed to religion in general and Catholic indoctrination in particular, will be a bitter pill for my parents-in-law to swallow.

Alas... three more days left of our honeymoon before we get back home, and I can see my doctor to hopefully confirm my pregnancy, and tell me that everything is alright with the little alien.

(*) This blog is not yet available for the public, friends and family alike. The link to here will be given out after I have had my doctor´s appointment, and after we have shared the news with my family.


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