Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Feed the Chap!

You see, so far my pregnancy has been progressing pretty boringly, overall. Neither was there the daily retching and heaving into the toilet, nor am I experiencing any interesting food cravings that might send any non-pregnoid retching themselves. So far, there is no big tummy going on, my feet aren't spectacularly swollen, and there was no felt baby movement yet. My skin didn't clear up, and didn't get any worse for that matter either, and my hair looks shitty as ever. There is no sudden pregnany-lush going on up there, and they don't look any worse than normal, either. If anything, I slept through most of the first three months, and unless you call that exciting, there really is nothing so far that I can blackmail my child later with, when it's misbehaving. Nothing along the lines of "All the horrors I went through in order to give YOU life, you ungrateful little devil, now eat your mashed peas, or choke on your guilt!" That sort of thing.

At least not yet. How boring!

So imagine my amusement last weekend, as Geo and I settled comfortable on the floor in our nest of blankets and pillows, watching rented movies. I felt perfectly fine, all snuggled into my husband and a pile of blankets, watching "Night at the Museum", it's nearing midnight, as suddenly - and I do mean SUDDENLY - I HAD to have some FOOD, and I mean RIGHT NOW, OR I'LL THROW A FREAKING TANTRUM LIKE AN ANGRY TODDLER!!!

Agonizing as the feeling was, it was also quite amusing for both me and Geo. I mean, here I was, perfectly content in one second, and in the next ravenous, close to death by starvation. No gradual "getting hungrier", just the sudden urge to shove something edible down my throat RIGHT NOW.

This was kind of what we always thought pregnancy was going to be like - late night hunger attacks that will have Geo out of the house in pursuit of whatever I fancy at whatever ungodly hour it may be. Frankly, I was a bit disappointed to never have felt the urge to test his devotion to his pregnant wife in such a way yet - but here I was, having my first real chance!

Devotedly enough, Geo jumped up and went through our kitchen cabinets, as the fridge didn't turn up any edible solution to my problem. I was perfectly ready to send him out to the gas station and take the time that he would take to return with my salvation in a plastic bag - alas, I never got my chance to. Geo found 2 cans of tuna and a pack of flour tortillas, which he heated up for me in a rush.

So there I was, sitting on the floor amidst a pile of pillows and blankets, madly shoveling tuna into my mouth and swallowing it down with large bites of tortillas. When Geo opened the second can of tuna for himself and grabbed a piece of tortilla, I actually growled at him, and hissed at him to "don't eat all of my food!". It would have been absolutely hilarious, hadn't I been so desperate.

Tuna has never tasted this good before, and the feeling of relief that settled over me after the last piece of tortilla had vanished into my mouth was indescribable.

Well, the following night it was pasta that Geo whipped up for me as I came barging out of the bedroom around 10PM, after I had already been asleep for a while, and stormed into the kitchen, rummaging for edibles. He just laughed, remembering last night's tuna-craziness, and gently pushed me out of the kitchen and set about boiling some noodles and heating up some tomato sauce, which 20 minutes later he served me in bed, to which I had already retreated to again.

No such outbursts in 2 days now, and I hope it'll stay this way - at least for the sake of my weight-gain. Shoveling down whatever food can be found in the house at such a late hour is never a good thing, pregnant or not.

It does - however - make me feel "properly" pregnant, though... LOL!


Blogger Dad to Be said...

Glad to know my wife isn't the only one having "I HAVE TO EAT RIGHT NOW!" moments. :) It makes me chuckle a little.

Glad to hear things are going well for you guys.

5:02 AM  

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