Monday, May 07, 2007

Letter to Baby, 16th week

Good morning, little love! Everything fine in there? I know the last days have been a little rough, at least on my account, and I am not really sure if you felt it too, or if these pains were completeley unrelated to you. I hope they were, though I kind of think not, since it was dead center on where you are residing right now. It's a dull ache, like an unhealthy kind of swelling, which gets worse the longer the day drags on, and the more I have to sit. Let's see how I will get through this day of sitting for eight hours nonstop in the office today. Your Daddy has done a great job massaging us last night before going to bed, and I really did start to feel better. He eventually fell asleep with his hand on you, it almost made me melt. :)

I hope it's not actually you, maybe just my constipated bowels, but the discomfort and worry is there all the same. Good thing I will finally have another doc appointment this week, for reasurrance. And to finally get to see you again, I can't wait to see how much you have grown in the last three weeks!

Well, excuse me if I seem a bit distracted right now, I am currently in the last minutes of bidding on a baby monitor for you on eBay... there are about 3 minutes left, I am currently the highest bidder, but I never was very lucky with such auctions. I really want to win this one, it's fairly cheap, and it will enable your Daddy and I to listen to your heartbeat and your acrobatics whenever we want to, and I am so paranoid about you and your well-being all the time, that I really do need the constant reassurance.


Ooooooh! I got it! I finally won an auction on eBay... see all the good things you make me do? We are now proud owners of:

...which I find extremely exciting. The seller is actually one of the girls from my new babyforum, and we are currently trying to organize a gettogether, where I will most likely meet her, too. She said the monitor started to work (meaning: her baby was loud enough to be heard) in her sixteenth week, and from there it picked up rather quickly and became more and more and more. And well, since we are in our sixteenth week now ourselves, I am positive that by the time I will receive it, we will be able to get an echo of your little heartbeat, if you are cooperative.

Please be cooperative. :)

I am so anxious to have constant reassurance of your well-being, and since I cannot feel you kicking yet, I have no way of knowing if you are doing well at all - and those doc's appointments are too far apart to really make me feel good in the time inbetween.

And speaking of getting things... we are really blessed with awesome friends all around us. Remember that I mentioned that we will probably receive nursery furniture from a friend? Well, that same friend has handed me a bag full of maternity clothes yesterday (and she has a neat clothing style, really), and asked me if I would mind accepting used stuff for the baby, for she has a stroller and an infant-car seat laying around that she doesn't need anymore. Combine that with the 2 bags of maternity clothes I have already received from another friend, and the cradle that I was offered, I think it is safe to say that we have really good friends around us - and it makes me feel extremely good, that your pending arrival in this big bad world is met with so much enthusiasm and helpfulness.

I can't wait to see you again in a few days... and hurry up growing! :)



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