Thursday, April 12, 2007

interesting observation...

I am not showing yet - but last night after Geo rubbed my tummy with anti-stretch-marks lotion, he left his hand flat on my abdomen and dozed off.

Now, this is really hard to describe for me, but somehow the physical sensation of his hand on my tummy has changed. Does it make sense if I say that it felt as if his hand was resting on some kind of "obstacle" lodged between my skin and the part of my inner organs his hand would usually be resting on directly? Or more like... I dunno, a water filled flat balloon? It's hard to say, but it was like I didn't get to feel the full weight of his hand, because there was something inbetween me and his hand dodging it, giving off a rather diffused sense of weight to the rest of my abdomen.

Like with the exception of his touch on my skin, there was no "direct" touch.

I must sound like a complete idiot, yes?

Am I full of shit, or do you pregnant ladies/mommies know what I am talking about?

At any rate, I know that it's my uterus and the fluid inside of it, not to mention the lil' jumping bean that's diffusing the weight, but I found this phenomenon highly fascinating, the first real sensation that something is actually down there. It's the next best thing to starting to actually show, I guess. It made me happy, and I enjoyed the feeling for as long as he rested his hand on his baby.

I can't wait to actually show! :)


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