Thursday, April 05, 2007

lil' jumping bean...

And to think I really thought that seeing my little embryo's heart beat last month was the greatest thing I would ever get to see... how wrong I was! :)

Oh, how nervous I was when I got to the doctor's office yesterday. Anxious, and so impatient to see my baby again. Hoping that everything would be okay. I swear, the few minutes talking before the ultrasound almost killed me, if it was up to me, I would have stormed the office, ripped my clothes off and jumped onto the ultrasound bed right away! But no... first my blood pressure had to be taken, then I had to step on the scale, then my blood/urine lab results were discussed (seems like I had a urinary tract infection without noticing it), then my doctor jotted down these results in my brand-new "mother-child" document, which will hold all my pregancy examinations and results as well as the baby's up until s/he's 18 months old. I got a referral to my hospital of choice for the measurement of the nuchal fold as expected, and talked with my doc about how to interpret the results, and how to deal with a possible negative outcome.

Then - finally! He sent me behind the curtain to undress. I was expecting another vaginal ultrasound, but then the only thing down there was him checking my cervix, then he squashed a nice amount of ultrasound gel onto my abdomen. Finally a "real" ultrasound! Or rather, finally what I always considered "real" in my head, before I even knew about vaginal ultrasounds. Finally I felt like a "real" pregnant woman with my belly slathered up in that cold blue goo. And boy, was I excited!

We immediately saw my baby. I was struck by how "massive" it had gotten since I last saw it, how immensely it had grown. From an unshapely 4mm worm-looking thing to this! A clearly human looking being with two arms and two legs, measuring a whole of 35mm from head to little butt! And then, just as I started to realize the change that had happened, there it was - a little jerk! And then another one! And another! And then I saw little tiny legs stretching all the way out and the head bending back, then just one leg going out and bending back, and two tiny arms doing what looked like boxing exercises. The arm went up, then the other, then they went back to the body, then up again - I felt like my baby was waving at me. We didn't make it too easy for the doc to get a good still to measure its size, the baby and I. Baby kept on moving and bending and stretching and rolling back in, and I kept on laughing and sobbing, which - as we all know - jerks the abdomen up and down quite a lot, so he kept on losing focus.

But eventually, eventually we got this:

-image removed-

It's nothing like the ultrasound in motion, seeing the movements live. But it's huge in comparison to last time. And it certainly was enough to make Geo's jaw drop audibly to the floor when he came home from work later that night. I could tell he was really regretting not having been able to go, but I am sure he'll make arrangements to be there with us next time.

(More ultrasound photos as well as belly-pics can be found on my ringo, for those of you who are on my friends list.)

Apparently my due date is still Oct. 27th, and not Oct. 31st, as the computer calculated last time. Oct. 27th is what the doc put into my MUKI (short for that mother-child-document), so it is what I'll have to go by, and calculate my last day of work with. So I also adapted the pregnancy tickers on this page, and the week/days headers I used for previous entries are wrong too, but let's not look back. From now on Oct. 27th will be my reference date. :)

Here, have another developmental video to go with my ultrasound image!


Blogger I'm Just Sayin... said...

Ohhhhh that's sooo neat!!! We have pictures of our first ultrasound too - Hannah is sucking her thumb in one of them.

I didn't know they had vaginal ultrasounds, the only kind I had was the stomach one with the cold blue gel.

3:57 AM  

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