Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the secret sisterhood of pregnant ladies

It would seem like there is such a thing, indeed. And it's much like the secret brotherhood of dog owners - you know: those random meetings of strangers in random parks where their incredible connection of owning a dog sparks animated conversations that otherwise would never have happened. It seems like people that have otherwise nothing in common but the ownership of a dog suddenly make the greatest conversationalists, and they never seem to run out of things to say, either. This has always greatly fascinated me, when I am not capable of holding a small talk conversation with a stranger much beyond "Good day."

Not so today. As I was standing at the counter of the laboratory passing all my pregnancy info down to the nurse who was about to draw my blood and receive my cup full of pee, I suddenly felt a pair of eyes focussing on me as I said "I am at the beginning of the tenth week." As soon as I was sitting down awaiting my turn, the owner of said pair of eyes sat down next to me and said: "So, you are 9 weeks along?"

Startled, I turned around. I am not the type to strike up conversations with strangers, especially not while waiting to get a needle poked into my arm. Next to me was a (very) young girl, sporting a quite obvious bulge herself. She had used the formal German on me, which made me feel like an old hag in comparison to her, but I could see that she barely must have passed into her twenties herself - if at all. As I smiled and nodded she grinned and told me that she was 25 weeks along. And then the most amazing thing happened: I found myself in a quite engaged conversation with this stranger, sharing stories of nausea, vomitting, and constant sleepiness - not to mention weight gain. She told me about the examinations that are yet ahead of me, and which hospital she chose to deliver her baby. I told her about which hospital I am currently thinking about, she told me she was going to have a girl, I told her that I am going to have a big surprise. She told me how her mother wasn't happy about the baby at first but now is besides herself with glee, I told her how my mother insisted on turning 50 before I turn her into a grandma, and how that didn't work out. I even told her about the baby I have lost. But mostly it was gross symptoms talk, and who went on sick leave for how long and why. Interestingly enough: her gyn put her on sick leave for a whole month because of exhaustion. Considering how I can barely sit through my days at work lately, much less concentrate on anything I am doing, I might mention this to my own gyn when I see him next Wednesday. Some time off would be neat, especially before the next big production will hit us.

All this went on through both of us having our blood drawn, waiting for the bleeding to stop, having band-aids stuck on us, and walking the few hundred meters down to the bus stop/subway station, where we wished each other well and went on our separate ways. I was amazed, very much reminded of those people in doggy parks, and had to giggle to myself. Seems like I was initiated into the secret sisterhood - and I guess this'll get only worse as I will start to show and be quite obviously pregnant. Quite an interesting experience, for sure she wasn't the kind of person I would usually have much to say to.

Waiting for the lab results now. I am not sure what is tested - I have seen abbreviations for toxoplasmosis, HIV, blood sugar and specific hormone levels, among a few other things I have no clue about. I guess it's an extensive screening that'll be repeated in a few months time to see how this pregnancy is affecting me and/or the baby. I'll have my next gyn appointment a week from now, which I am obviously quite looking forward to. I missed seeing my little baby - and whereas it was something most closely resembling a worm with a big yolk sac last time, next time I am sure we'll see a wiggly baby-looking thing in there. I will also get my "Mutter-Kind-Pass", the official document containing all my and the baby's data and all test results, as well as my weight gain and circumference as we go along, and probably also an appointment with my hospital of choice for the measuring of the thickness of my baby's nuchal fold (to rule out defects like Down Syndrome). I am very excited, even though my Geo won't be able to go with me to see his baby wiggle on the ultrasound:

HE'S GOT THE JOB, and he will start working on Monday! Welcome to the company's new Assistant Manager of Production!

Finally, things are falling into place, one by one. :)


Blogger Sarah said...

Lol, I just wrote a blog today that ended on almost the exact same line. :P I'm happy that you're just as happy as I am then. :)

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Autumn said...

Awww...he'll get to see the next one wiggle on ultrasound.

3:47 AM  

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