Friday, March 23, 2007


This completely floored me today. Click on the image below to see what my baby must be looking like about right now. But that's not what got me. It's what it's doing. It's how it moves. How it opens its mouth and how it moves its hands. It's how all of this is happening inside of me AS I TYPE, and me not feeling a thing of all of this! How surreal is a preganncy? How surreal is it to see such movement and knowing it is going on RIGHT NOW, yet being completely unaware of it? How miraculous, how wondrous, how completely mind-blowing?

The reality of this video, knowing that my baby is right now about as old as the one shown, has just hit me like a freight train... with incredible wonder and amazement and gratefulness. It's not a "bunch of cells" any longer... it's not an embryo any longer. It's a fetus, completely human looking. And it's moving about inside of me, it's alivea and growing. And it looks like this:


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