Thursday, March 15, 2007

Letter to Pumpkin, 8th Week

Well, my baby, today we have officially finished 7 full weeks together, and are officially in our 8th week of pregnancy! I do admit that I already miss our weekly trips to the gyn, because not seeing him for another 3 weeks means I will not be able to witness your growth the way I had over the course of the past 3 weeks! It's maddening, especially considering that week 7 supposedly marked a growth-spurt of doubling your size, which should put you at a whopping centimeter by now! It drives me nuts that I will not have another look at you until early April... you are really giving me a lesson in patience now, as you doubtlessly will for the rest of my life. Why not start early, right?

Oh, I have to tell you: your Daddy is currently working a "trial day" at the company that he applied for and got invited to a second interview - I am sitting on needles here! He will be there until 6PM, but we won't know until Monday whether or not he got the job. I am quite confident that he will, but as you will figure out in some years, there are always factors that can unexpectedly interfere with what looks like a "done deal", especially when it comes to jobs and money. At any rate - you should have tiny little fingers by now, so I strongly urge you to squish your little thumbs tightly for luck for your Dad!

I am almost out of work for today, we'll go see your grandparents then, where we'll wait for your Dad after his trial day. You have no idea, my love, under how much pressure you are putting him now to really tackle the job issue, with your arrival pending in the not so far future. He's a very good man, and he really wants to make sure that he will be able to provide for you as best as he possibly can. He's even trying to start up his very own business at the side, all for you and your future. It's amazing how much you have changed our life already, tiny little speck that you still are. I am sure those changes are just the beginning though, the tip of the iceberg so to say. Looking very much forward to seeing what else you have in store for us - other than nausea and narcolepsia, that is... ;)

I love you!


Blogger I'm Just Sayin... said...

Don't forget gray hair and insomnia :-) Those are fun.

I wish I had been as excited with my pregnancy as you are with yours. When I was pregnant - I regretfully did not take it well and after I fell and broke my ankle I got incredibly depressed and either wouldn't allow myself to enjoy it or didn't have time to enjoy it.

I'm really happy for you both, I think you are both amazing people and are going to make great parents. Don't let my horror stories freak you out, her behavior is our fault, our fault for spoiling her, and not setting boundaries early enough. We are working on it and things are getting better, but it takes time to undo our mess.

Hope you have a great week!!!

4:41 AM  

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