Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Letter to the Booger, Week 5

Hey you... how are you doing in there, little one? Find everything to your liking so far? This is your Mom, you know, the person attached to this uterus you currently call home, the one who loves you more than any other person will ever love you in your entire life, and already does, ever since you showed up in her life as two bright and strong pink lines.

Strong pink lines, really. No faint pinkish illusion that I could have interpreted in any way I wanted to, but bold and bright and right in my face. You have left no doubt about your existence, my love, and your father said he knew about you even before I did, so strong is your presence. Oh, your father is a bit on the esoteric side, you must know. He sometimes has premonitions, and sometimes just "knows things" (- which is kind of scary, really, but that's a story we might tell you when you are older), and he said he just "knew" about you one night, about 5 days before you showed yourself to me on that pregnancy test. He also says that you are a boy... convinced, he is. Me? I don't care what you are, I am just happy that you are here, and I hope will all my heart that you will stay with us, my baby.

Everybody does, do you know that? Your grandmother, my Mom, started to cry when I showed her our first picture of your 2 mm self, and your other grandmother, your Dad's mom, screamed into the phone so loud that your great-aunt had to hush her. Your grandfathers are very proud of your Dad and me too because of you, but you know who is probably the most excited yet? Your great-grandparents. Especially your great-grandpa, it seems. He is very old, and I hope from the bottom of my heart that he will get to know you, and get to hold you once you are born. In your life you will probably not have any conscious memory of these two people, but it would mean the world to me if I could see you sleep in their arms at least once, I love them so much.

So, let's see. According to your age, you should currently measure about 4 to 6 millimeters. How's your arm and leg buds doing? Is your little heart beating yet? I cannot wait to see my doctor tomorrow, and check up on you again. See how much you have grown. Last week you were a whopping 2.2 millimeters tall - which is respectable, considering you started out barely visible to the naked eye. You must be exhausted from your efforts of more than doubling your size every week! I am so proud of you! My doctor promised me that tomorrow we should be able to see your placenta, and the week after that your tiny little heart. I can barely wait. I know that once we see your heart beating, my risk of losing you has gone down considerably in comparison to right now, and I would have to lie to you, my love, if I said that I am not afraid. We, your father and I, really need you to hold on to me, my love, for we both cannot wait to hold you in our arms and show you the world!

But I think you are doing well in there right now. You are making sure that I am aware of your presence almost every waking moment. And you got your priorities straight, too! You certainly are making sure that the milk bar will be in operating order once you'll need it, I painfully notice the preparations for production since a few big, tender, swollen days now. Oh, and your dislike for waltzes? You'll have to get over that, it's what we do here in Austria, and you better get used to it soon. I can't double over in every dance class the way you made me do two days ago, just because your Dad is whirling me through the room like that. Hey, I paid for this class and I still have a few evenings to go, please don't spoil the fun like that! And ask your Dad - even though he doesn't like these classes very much, he'll tell you that dancing is a lot of fun. You're a half-Latino, I am sure you will understand, even if you are a boy: they say that the only men on earth who will openly admit to liking to dance are Gays and Latinos. But in the meantime - please let me enjoy my dance classes a bit more, okay? I have to try and keep myself fit in the upcoming months, somehow.

So, I hope you'll pose nicely for us tomorrow with your shiny new placenta, I want a good picture of you, okay?


Week 5


Anonymous Autumn said...

Beautiful. Many belly rubs to you -go to the ivillage forums for those expecting the month you're expecting. Doubt it's been created yet, but it will be. Trust me, they are good chuckles.

Congratulations! *hugs*

Love - Jen and Jus

4:34 AM  
Blogger I'm Just Sayin... said...

The part about your grandparents made me all teary :-)

6:53 AM  

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