Sunday, February 11, 2007

love is... a timeline...

I have seen my friend Sarah do this on her blog, and it really inspired me to shamelessly rip it off of her and adapt it to my own purpose - simply because I like it so much and I thought it'd be neat shareage.

(And while I am at it, I am also totally stealing the way she's displaying her Yahoo! Avatar on her sidebar, neener. And while I am already so busy with changing my sidebar, I have also added a little link to my BBT chart - for your daily dose of TMI!)

Our Timeline...

February 18, 2003: first laid eyes upon each other, as we were both snoozing away in our 7AM graphic design class - at a quarter to 7AM. I noticed his handsomeness immediately (- even though he wore his beanie which I now lovingly refer to as his condom-head accessory), but was not impressed, because a) it was 7AM, and b) I had a boyfriend.

2 weeks later: blatant absence of instructor caused us to talk with each other for the first time, as the class started to slowly mingle and actually warm up to each other. total small talk. tried not to be impressed, because - HELLO! - boyfriend!

March 11, 2003: accidentally ended up sitting next to Geo. I swear, it was an accident!!!

sometime soon after: got ripped a second one by instructor during project crit, while Geo tried to stare my clothes off my body from behind me - or so he told me he did later. was treated for coffee afterwards - to "help me get over the bad crit".

timespan of next couple of weeks: was treated for coffee several more times, then breakfast, then another breakfast. until he one afternoon called me at my boyfriend's house, talking about some school stuff, and then suddenly asking me out on a date, the upcoming Friday.

the upcoming Friday: went on our first date, went to Hollywood. walked around Hollywood Blvd., I got my very first taste of Cold Stone Ice Cream (we shared a bowl), then ate at McD's, then was kissed mercilessly - despite - HELLO! - boyfriend!

the following Sunday: went hiking in Griffith Park. broke it off with boyfriend just in time before my conscience would weigh on me heavily. bad karma - I lived in the same house with him for another 6 months. :(

a couple of weeks later: decided to break it off, because of the living situation and the high bad karma bill.

two days later: decided this was a bad idea afterall.

April 6th, 2003: Geo asked me officially to be his girlfriend.

3 months into our relationship: I met Geo's mom for the first time during her brief stay in Los Angeles.

pretty exactly 6 months into our relationship: came back to LA from a vacation back home in Europe, was taken to Ben&Jerry's in Burbank - was told "I love you" for the first time... *melts at the memory*

July 2003: Geo got to meet my parents on their stopover in LA after their vacation in Hawaii.

October 1, 2003: moved into a small studio apartment in Eagle Rock.

October 2003 - July 2004: almost broke up many times, tiny living arrangement, different schedules and bad situation with landlord made life quite a toughie. still - on June 16th he proposed to me: in the middle of a fight to the tears!

August 1, 2004: we moved in with my bandmates in a house in Rosemead - life drastically improved, and yet it didn't really.

August 2, 2005: packed up and left Los Angeles to move to my home country - especially tough for Geo, who has no chance to get back to the US - and his family there - ever again.

January 1, 2006: finally set our wedding date, after tiptoeing around the topic for months.

January through September 2006: lots of experimenting and taking our relationship further than we ever thought we would, lots of self-defining and re-defining... growing together even closer in the exciting process.

September 9, 2006: we got married in a Viennese castle... the most beautiful wedding we could have dreamed of... and I walked down the aisle in a wedding dress tailored especially for me by my MIL.

September 11 - October 10, 2006: went on our honeymoon in México - a dream vacation that including everything from family time after 8 years of not seeing them on Geo's part, to endless hours on people-barren postcard beaches, and cultural sightseeing-overkill. I got pregnant on first try, and we found out about it 2 weeks before flying back home. Our bliss was perfect.

October 11, 2006: miscarried our first child.

October 13, 2006: went to the hospital for a D&C, spent the following month in a very deep hole, which I would never have found out of if it wasn't for the endless love and support of my husband.

since December 2006: "working" hard on completing our little family with a child that I will hopefully be able to carry full-term this time... many ways our wedding has just really started off our relationship, in the most exciting and future-shaping ways we never thought were possible. We have grown together so much in the process, in good times as well as in bad, and throughout all of this, we have never lost our sense of wonder over being with each other, and our undying passion for each other. On April 6 we will celebrate our 4 year anniversary of being together, maybe already as a little family in the making. I truly wish this for the both of us, for this dream to become true soon... to make our life even more perfect than it is - if this is even possible.

We may not have much in the material sense - or at least not yet, but we are slowly working on things step by step, pulling together hard in the same direction, and we see the progress almost on a daily basis. Yet we have all that we really need - he has me, and I have him... and that's all that will ever count for the decades to come.

Happy pre-Valentine's Day.


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