Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Well, if you happened to check my BBT chart (link provided in previous post), it will not make sense anymore with the actual post itself. The new portal I found turned out to be very helpful, and I was told to take out last Saturday's measured temperature, since I woke up way too late that day, so the temperature was uncharacteristically high.

So I took it out and, voilĂ : I have a perfect little curve that indicates that I had indeed ovulated last Sunday or Monday. Nothing's for certain yet, but I feel a pang of relief that I am moving within the realms of normalcy. :)

That said, I will be spending some time alone starting tomorrow. My boss is taking Geo on a small tour until late Sunday night, where Geo will assist him in his slide presentations on the other side of Austria. I am not sure how I feel about that... on the one hand it means a nice extra chunk of money that we didn't count on, on the other hand it means four days without my husband. We haven't been separated since our days in Los Angeles, and I am afraid of being alone - even though I could need some quiet time to myself: work on our company website undisturbedly, play a bit of my game, veg around, spend some time with the family...

Good thing that potential impregnation time is already past, otherwise I would have chained myself to him, no matter where he went... *lol*


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