Saturday, February 10, 2007

'gimme that apron!!!

Who would have thought what the wheel of time (and a desperate need for a child) can do to a fun-loving, ex-bass-playing, cooking-inept, computer-geeky and sex-crazed girl like me!

Today I not only bought, but got horribly excited over a new set of dishes that my current kitchen is WAY too small to hold, and will be kept in storage until we move this summer. And I DO mean: EXCITED. The kind of excited I used to get when I used to buy myself a new computer game, or new clothes, or a new electronical gadget, or chocolate at the store - or got laid!!!

I am getting homely!

But c'mon... what a bargain, too! I wouldn't have bought it otherwise, but the set, usually worth around € 300 was being sold for an "introductory price" of € 45 total! It's ceramics, good for microwaving and dishwashers, and a new designer collection - hence the introductory price. My set includes: a cooking pot, 2 soufflé pots (round and square), a salad bowl, a sugar bowl, 4 x-large coffee cups, 8 soup plates, 8 regular plates and 9 oversize decorative plates. Combine that with the teapot I bought, the water carafe and the set of 6 wine glasses - and I really wonder if this is what I am inevitably turning into:


Blogger I'm Just Sayin... said...

You're so funny - but I can relate. I get excited over stuff like that too - for some reason it makes me feel way more grown up and adult than buying say - "Sims 2" or something lol.

Can't wait to see your post about Valentines day :-) Glad I could give you an idea.

7:30 PM  

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