Friday, March 02, 2007

Letter to the Booger, Week 4?

Hey, baby... well, aren't you quite the mischiveous one. Fooling us on your age, will you? My doctor told me that, contrary to the math and what he has told me last week, I am not actually at the end of week 5, rather at the end of week 4. You are a bit too small to the point of invisibility to be older than late week 4/early week 5.

But - I am still so proud of you! Even though we couldn't actually see YOU, which quite worried me, but not at all my doctor, your amniotic sac has quadrupled in size since last week, and we could even see your yolk sac - or what my doctor said was your yolk sac, I just saw a tiny bright spot, about as big as your entire appearance last week. I asked about you, but he said that this is quite normal, you are just younger than we expected, and that your yolk sac is a wonderful sign that you have properly implanted where you should have.

Good baby. :)

Just keep it up, okay? We are eagerly waiting for your little heart to show off next Friday - since you are a week younger than at first assumed, it should start its engines sometime this week.

I can tell you, my love - since I know about you, time has never passed slower. The days from appointment to appointment stretch like chewing gum (- which is bad for your teeth, btw!), and never seem to end. Of course it doesn't help that you are tormenting me with these cramps and this brown discharge that your sibling has put me through before it left us, so you can probably imagine the emotional wreck I was by the time I made it to the doctor's office yesterday. I blurted out about these cramps right away, but he didn't seem too concerned, asked me how exactly they felt like, and then reassured me they were just a sign of my ligaments stretching, considering my growing uterus and increasing weight of it.

Oh, but was I glad that he got to see this discharge with his own eyes after the internal ultrasound. He glanced at it, smiled, and said: "Perfectly normal, don't worry about it."

Okay! I guess I should feel better now... just don't turn this stuff into blood, my love, okay? Hold on to my uterus lining for dear life, or you are grounded, and I mean it! No TV until you are eighteen!

That said - I must tell you how exciting it was to see the growth that has happened since last week. It is quite miraculous, really, especially considering how I notice nothing of all this as it is happening inside of me, how I am completely oblivious of all the things you are going through right now. Some kind of Mom I am, huh? I can't wait for the day I will feel you kicking me and turning this way and that. For when we can see your growth and follow your progress with our own eyes, and can feel your foot or your butt or your head by putting our hands on my belly. I cannot imagine anything more beautiful right now. :)

Oh! I am knitting you a blanket right now! I just somehow felt this crazy itch to do just that 2 days ago, so I went right after work and didn't mind spending € 50 on wool for my project, just like that. I bought 20 balls of the snuggliest wool you can imagine, and I have already used up 2 1/2 of them in just one day! I hope you'll enjoy it later, seeing as you'll be born in late fall, and winters here (- well, with the exception of the last one) aren't generally of the mild type.

Okay my baby, I'll let you be for today, now get back to your growing!



Blogger I'm Just Sayin... said...

Ooooh - knitting huh? That's neat - I never had the motivation to do anything like that - which could be why mine is acting out the way she just keep knitting and maybe your baby will be more appreciative of you when he/she's 5.

9:54 PM  

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