Friday, March 09, 2007

Letter to the Booger, Week 5?

So, my dear baby... whatever week of pregnancy we really are in, you don't have many excuses left not to show yourself later on today on our next ultrasound. I don't necessarily expect to see your little heart yet though, considering that you may be younger than I thought, so I am all open for positive surprises!

Surprise me!

You know, I have spent much of today surfing the internet and mentally comparing random 5 week ultrasound images on Google with my last one. I came to the conclusion that everything looks just spiffily normal, but somehow that doesn't help me calm down. It seems like everytime I go to the doc you seem to be giving me phantom pains in my lower abdomen that convince me that I am only minutes away from miscarrying you again, it's ridiculous. The moments until I will see you on screen will be so infinitely long...!

But! Your psychic Daddy is still convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are fine, and that you are a strong one, and that before long you will be quite a handful. And your Daddy usually is right about such matters. :)

You know what else I read on the internet today? (The internet? Oh, it'll be your best friend before you are two years old I am sure... just be patient.) I read that my boss is obligated to provide me with an adequate place to rest and lay down at my place of employment, and that the time I spend resting and laying down actually count as work time, not break time, and therefore has to be paid. Is that cool, or what? You'll be born into a great country, my love! Well, it has its major flaws and an inherent uncoolness that oozes out of its every pore, but you'll grow to like it, I am sure. And in summers, don't forget, there's always México!

Now, off of work I am. We'll hopefully see you in about 2 hours, my baby!



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