Wednesday, April 11, 2007

accomplished and moving ahead

Feels great when life is significantly moving ahead. Moving in big enough steps that it can actually be felt.

Yesterday I signed the contract for our new apartment. I made all payments, I handed over all final paperwork including the approved loan, picked out our very own parking spot in the garage, and left with a huge smile on my face. We can see our apartment from the inside on the 20th, we will take measurements and with those have our kitchen planned and built, so it can be ready for delivery when we move in in August or September.

All this is incredibly exciting. Geo has just gotten a good new job, his new business at the side seems to be picking up, our baby is doing well, and all is set for us to move in late summer. It feels like actively providing for our little one, making sure it grows up in a good and healthy environment.

I am expecting a slew of young families to move into the new complex. It's quite large, with the single wings separated by parks and playgrounds for children of all ages. It's quite at the edge of the city, in the south of Vienna, with only a few minutes by car to reach the Vienna Woods, and all kinds of other little forests and hills with hiking trails, bike roads, meadows and great vistas over the city. On the other hand, we are 2 minutes away from the freeway, and 2 bus stops from the subway into the city. Shopping opportunites are convenient and varied all around the district. The E-shape of our complex (bird's eye view) opens to a park with a small creek, which is currently being "re-naturated", meaning it's being taken out of its concrete bed and put back into its original shape, with a little trail running beside it, that we can follow through quite a part of the city and out into the green on the other side. A gym will be housed in the complex, and every apartment is part of the satellite network that provides television on 37 channels for free. Before construction is finished there will be a "get-to-know-you" meeting with all renters before we all move in.

We will have a new kitchen all according to what WE want, with a little bar/breakfast table counter with bar stools behind it right in the kitchen. I'll have a small fireplace installed in the living room. We're having a balcony where we'll hang our Mexican hammock, and where we'll put terracotta tiles on the floor for a more summery feel. A friend of mine is passing down her nursery furniture to us, so I already have a whole room taken care of before we even move in. I'll get a cradle from another friend for the living room. My friend the architect will plan the rest of our furniture, so we can have it custom-made by a carpenter, if we can save up enough cash. We'll remove the carpet floor in the hall and living room and replace it with a hardwood floor according to our choosing.

It's all so incredibly exciting - now all we need to complete this huge step into our BIGGER AND BETTER FUTURE™ is the new family car I am dreaming of - and my dad is already working on that one.

78 more days of work - then life will be perfect. :)


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