Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Letter to Pumpkin, 12th week

Imagine! Two days from now we'll go take a tour through the place where you'll be born 6 months from now! Yes, your mama has finally settled on a hospital. Sure, it's an old building, and sure, there was this scandal some 15 or 20 years ago with those "death-nurses" helping the elderly patients to their untimely end, so many people have negative associations with this particular place, even myself - considering that it has housed both of your great-grandparents on several occasions during the course of the last years, the last incident of which I thought was going to be the final one for your great-grandpa.

However, the alternatives were the hospital where your other great-grandfather passed away some 15 years ago - a hospital which your grandmother refuses to set foot in since, and this catholic place where all the midwives are nuns. And believe me when I say: one of your first lessons in life will be: everything that has any reason to have nuns around is bad for you.

Besides, my hospital of choice has been beautifully renovated, the rooms are modern and neatly furnished, the pavillons are scattered all over a rather large park-scenery, and it lies in one of Vienna's most expensive and prestigious districts. And why not give you a head-start in snobism, if I can? Not to mention that it's a mere 10-minute drive away from where we'll live when you are born.

Isn't it pretty? Well, I doubt that around your time there'll still be any flowerbeds left, but at least I'll get to enjoy them while I go there for my regular checkups that my gyn can't perform - like the measuring of your nuchal fold that's coming up shortly. They also offer gymnastics for the big-bellied, and preparation courses for parents-to-be, which we are fully intent on taking advantage of when the time comes. Gotta learn how to change your diapers, and how not to stick our heads into the oven when your incessant crying for no apparent reason is driving us up the walls, right?

So, how has our time together been, lately? Imagine... next Saturday begins our fourth month together. Whatever happened to time - it seems like yesterday when I snuck into the bathroom of the office to pee on the stick which I have promised your father not to pee on, and it turned pink twice, immediately. Seems like only a few days ago when my doctor detected the tiniest of amniotic sacs in my womb, confirming this pregnancy with you - and now you're already waving at us and doing acrobatics in there. Soon, I am sure, I will be able to feel you kicking me - 4 more weeks maybe, give or take.

Fortunately for me, you have also ceased to make me nauseated for the most part. Sure, there are times when food in general appeals to me about just as much as toejam and earwax, but those incidences are becoming rarer as well. Interestingly, though - the two kilos I have gained during the very first weeks seemed to have puffed away into thin air again - my doc (and later also my own scale) measured me at what I weighed before I knew I was pregnant with you. And all that without vomiting once.

I am now also able again to stay awake during the day, for the most part. Of course, sitting in the office for 8 hours makes this task harder, and I have already made use of the bed that my boss has provided for you and me twice - when he wasn't there, obviously. I think I would feel silly taking a nap in the office with him sitting right there - but it helped when I did it. But overall I feel like I have more energy again - which at some point I didn't think possible anymore to the point that I was afraid I would sleep through your birth altogether.

I am convinced that I am showing already - at least a little bit. Maybe it's wishful thinking, I am just so wanting for you to be obvious to the world already, I wanna shout your existence to the rooftops and prance around with my big belly and buy cute maternity clothes already. Your Dad says it's just my fat roll, as big or small as it ever was, no baby-pooch. Your Daddy is a big old meanie, that's what he is. We'll show him, and soon, I just know it! I know that one day very soon I'll wake up, and where there was just a bulge of fat the day before will be an obvious pregnancy to observe. Just hurry up growing, ok? :)



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