Monday, April 16, 2007

First Trimester Reflection

How fast time flies by! Yesterday I peed on a stick, and today I am in my second day of the second trimester already! Good-bye nausea, good-bye narcolepsia - I guess it's true what they ('they' being mostly Google and my mother) say about getting through the first twelve weeks: everything can only get better.

And really, I haven't felt nauseated in days, my appetite is fully back, and my need for sleep is gradually declining again. I have more energy than to just lay on the couch and hope for death to creep upon me while I sleep, to save me from more nausea.

But really? I think I really should shut up now and say no more about that. I felt bad, yeah, but I think by comparison I felt a LOT better than most other women do during this time. I didn't puke once, and I had myself mostly under control. The sleepiness was hard, but probably more on the people around me, than myself. I suffered no bleeding all throughout, I felt my ligaments stretch in the very early weeks, all of which is completely gone now. I guess I could complain about my chronic constipation, and my recent inability to sleep through one whole night without my bladder screaming for attention in the middle of it, but hey. It comes with the territory. I will shut up and not complain, even if my bladder put a sudden and unwanted end to me and Patrick Dempsey getting cosy in Dr. Sheperd's trailer last night. Ay!

I believe I am sporting the tiniest of a baby belly already, so every morning I prance up and down in front of the mirror, checking and double checking if I am right, or if it's just another fat roll I am mistaking for the little one.

So, yeah. All in all, one third into this pregnancy, I can say that up until now I feel like I am floating on clouds, I am so happy and content. Excited! (Occasionally out of my mind with panic, but show me one woman who isn't/wasn't!)

Not to mention that now, past week 12, the danger for miscarriage has been reduced to a rather negligible figure, the time of worrying and freaking out at every pinch and pull is over now. We are now "safe" - whatever that may mean.

I also just got off the phone with the hospital. Even though I was told on Friday that there are no more open appointments during my window of opportunity, I got one for the upcoming Wednesday (two days from now!) afterall. The nurse arranged for the doctor to come in extra for me - so I apologized for any inconveniences I may have caused, and the nurse was sweet enough to tell me not to worry. So I'll see the little one again so soon, and find out if there is any cause of concern over chromosomal issues that would induce further examinations (like amniocentesis!). I feel confident though that everything is perfectly alright, and I'll post again when I have the results! :)


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