Saturday, April 21, 2007

Letter to Baby, Week 13

Hello, my little love! Imagine, yesterday we finally got to see our new apartment from the inside, something we've been waiting for ever since last spring, when we first found and laid claim onto a place in this new complex pretty much exactly a year ago. You cannot imagine the ordeal it has been, the wait until we were #1 on the waiting list for any of the apartments we signed up for, then getting all the paperwork together, getting the loan approved, signing the contract - it's been a process of about a year. But now we know how much all this was worth it - believe me when I say that we have provided you with a good place to grow up in.

It was so exciting to enter the construction site that the complex still is, and that we've gawked at for months on end, from outside the fence. I felt like an explorer, finding the right entrance, the right floor, the right door. We're going to be on the third floor, almost on top! It's spacious and roomy right outside our apartment, like a terrace interconnecting the apartments. I will be able to have my own little herb-"garden" right outside the kitchen window, on the sill. Let's hope the neighbors won't use it as an ashtray, or their private little supply! But I am determined to make it work. We also have a large balcony, which my mind's eye already sees as our family's oasis of peace, sun, and relaxation. In my mind I have already put terracotta tiles on the floor and a bamboo fence all around, for the Mediterranean feel. Mexican pottery will hang on the wall (- maybe I'll finally find enough leisure and inspiration to make those Aztec masks I've been meaning to sculpt ever since we returned from your Daddy's country!), and long terracotta pots will be framing the floor, where I'll try to grow our private little jungle. Alas - I am not exactly good with keeping greens alive - but I sure will try! Maybe we'll even have room to hang our large Mexican hammock out there - it'll be domestic paradise, and I already see your Daddy chill with you sleeping on his tummy in that hammock in the warm afternoon sun :)

And then there is your room, of course! You know, I freaked out when I saw the carpet all over the floor in all rooms, and your Daddy and I decided to rip it all out and replace it with hardwood floor before we move in. But we have also decided to keep it in your room as well as our bedroom - I remember how much fun it was playing on a carpet, and not bruising your knees on wood all the time! We'll just have to find a way to keep the cats out, or your diet will pretty soon consist mostly of cat hair. Maybe additional screen doors will do the trick. I am so glad we will be getting your nursery furniture from a friend of ours, and from what I remember it looks really nice, too. I think it's cherry wood with dark blue inlays, and contains a bed, a changing table, a shelf, and a closet - if I remember right. I am already envisioning the fun things we will do to your wall, and the blue blinds I saw the other day in a store will go just perfectly with everything!

Your mommy is a big dreamer, can you tell? :)

But it's what keeps me going from day to day, one day at a time, towards my vacation and eventually maternity leave. 70 more work days, imagine!

Less dreamy, more reality? Sure! Today we went to a kitchen studio, to meet with the guy that took measurements in our new kitchen yesterday. Really, I don't wanna think about it too much, or my stomach will coil into tight knots - but then again, kitchens are never cheap, and it's supposed to last us for at least a decade if not more. No, I will not say how much we will be shelling out for this, and I won't even tell my friends and family. It's going to be our dirty little secret - mostly because I want to avoid discussions about the "practicality" of what we want, and the "necessity" of everything we have planned into it. BUT! It's going to be the most gorgeous kitchen I have ever seen, one that is not only functional, but extremely stylish, too. We are even utilizing the silly skewed wall on one side by installing an extra counter top with storage cabinets, where otherwise would have been just an empty boring wall. We'll have a bar/breakfast table, which I am sure will soon turn into the most used spot in the entire apartment. We have a "cooking island" solution, as your dad wanted it, so whoever cooks faces whoever sits at the bar, for easy companionable conversation. I can even see you sitting there doing your homework, while I fix your lunch. Can you? :)

And, AH! We'll have stainless steel appliances, and a fully integrated stainless steel microwave in eye-height. One milk-glass-front cabinet with steel-frames and spotlights inside. The upper cabinets on the walls are an absolutely stylish combination of cabinets, shelves, and said microwave - all courtesy of your Mom, who has pretty much shot down the salesman's initial idea of one boring standard cabinet next to the other. I even raised his eyebrow when I was done, and caused him to say: "Wow, well... now this is turning into a real designer's kitchen." Damn straight it is, when have your Dad and I ever been content with the ordinary?

So yeah... in retrospect, even though we got the kick-ass stove for the price of the basic variation, and have kept the appliances at the cheaper label, I feel like vomiting when I think about the price. Your Tia's and Tio's kitchen was significantly cheaper, and their price already made my eyes bulge when I first heard about it. In our defense, however, our kitchen is also significantly larger than theirs. And that we'd have to get a loan for it, even if it would have turned out to be cheaper, was clear from the beginning. Just remind me not to tell your grandparents about this, it wouldn't be pretty at all. Your grandmother's idea of "good" is "cheap" and "practical" is "as little extra as possible", she would have suggested for us to buy a cheap "interim" kitchen for until we have more money, not realizing that any crappy and cheap "interim" solution will become "permanent" very soon, once you got used to it. And I rather do things the right way right away. It's a point of view and a way of living that I hope you will adopt from us, for it's always the best way, if you are willing to accept and stand up for the consequences of your actions.

Or, in our case: we'll be sitting on our new hardwood floor in a completely empty apartment for a very long while, appreciating our great designer's kitchen while we wait for enough money to accumulate on our bank account again to buy ourselves a bed, and chairs, and a dining table... LOL!

Well, I'll bring the two of us to bed now, for our daily oily tummy-rub by your Daddy. We're together a whole 13 weeks today to the day... and every day gets more exciting, and every day I get more impatient for all the great things happening to us soon - most of all you, my love!

Grow! There's lots of homework waiting for you to be done on our designer's bar/breakfast table!

I love you,


Anonymous Autumn said...

I see you, little baby. Beautiful story, wonderous event, spectacular photos. Awesome Blankie!

5:05 AM  
Anonymous Autumn said...

OH! I know what I wanted to tell you...

We went to The Black Forest today, a German restaurant in Minneapolis (yum) one of our favorite places, and I know you are Austrian BUT....holy hell, Little Miss have a doppleganger (sp). This girl look JUST LIKE YOU. She was German and she was tall and I just cannot describe how much she looked like you. I'm thinking, "Is that Andrea?"

I should have taken a picture. It was that amazing.

You're very good looking, especialy IN PERSON! hehe.

5:10 AM  

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