Thursday, April 26, 2007

time musings

Well, I have a pretty chill few days ahead of me, I think. My boss left today for a Thailand vacation, leaving me to guard the office by my lonesome for a full week-and-a-half. What that means for me, when things are slow: chillaxing on the provided "resting-opportunity" (AKA camping bed) all day long!

I have contacted my health-insurance to confirm my official last day of work, and - as expected - it is September 1. Add my leftover 4 weeks of this year's vacation (- where did the fifth go? I don't remember that I took so many days off already this year!), and my definite last day of work will be August 3rd. Or, in other words: 14 more weeks, which include 4 work-free holidays (one of them being a long weekend), 1 extra day of vacation, and most likely the occasional couple of days here and there of pregnancy-related sick leave.

It's bearable.

And no, again, I am not lazy... I just hate this particular job, as I am sure you know by now. I should have done it like my cousin (the one with the same estimated day of birth as me), and lied to my doctor about bleeding and abdominal pains, and I could be permanently home from work already too. Damn my bloody honesty.

Have you noticed the changes I have made to this site? In the menu bar? Yeah, meez is a pretty cool place to make pretty neat 3D-avatars (- and damn, was I bored at work!), and I have also added a slideshow of my pregnancy-progression photo-album, so that even those of you who are not on my ringo friend list have an opportunity to see a small version of what's going on inside my belly - small scale. :)

Anyway! People (well, my parents, Bern & Bee, that is) have commented on the visibility of this pregnancy already! Admittedly, it's barely visible, but visible it is, especially when I am wearing tight clothes. I have ordered two belly-wraps yesterday (, a black one and a white one, and I am awaiting their arrival eagerly. Equipped with these I will save greatly on maternity clothes: at least I won't have to buy any maternity-shirts or blouses, seeing as I can combine all regular shirts with one of my wraps. Pants, though, is another matter entirely. I have decided I will invest in a pair of maternity jeans, and a pair of summer slacks. Maybe a light skirt or two, and a pair of capris - they have predicted a summer fueled by the fires of hell, and I want to survive it somehow. Saturday morning, right before Geo's birthday lunch, we'll go throw some money at the clothing industry, something we haven't done in decidedly way too much time, and I am looking very much forward to it. :)

Speaking of Geo's birthday: he'll turn 28 on Sunday, and we'll celebrate on Saturday! What gets me when I think about this is that I got to know the guy when he was a wee young 23, when life was still so much different, such exciting years still ahead of me. So much has happened, so much time has passed, we went through so much bad stuff together, but sometimes when I look at him today I still feel that tingle that I felt when we started dating, I still feel that sense of surralism when I think about having "landed" such a man, and I still sometimes can't believe that he's with me - yet now I am not only wearing his ring, I am also carrying his baby. It makes my head spin! :)


Blogger I'm Just Sayin... said...

When is your EDD? Mine was the 21st of Sept. then they moved it to the 18th and then the 11th and then she was born on the 2nd lol.

Anyway - I hope you guys have a good time celebrating Geo's birthday today! Wish him a happy birthday from us ok!?

Looking forward to taking over the world with you! ;-)

8:49 PM  
Blogger Q. said...

EDD is October 27th! :)

12:05 PM  

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