Monday, June 25, 2007

Patience... patience!

Well, congratulations to my old friend Lynn, who's given birth to her first baby on June 16, after 15 hours of labor. It's a healthy baby boy, and judging from the pictures, a very beautiful one at that.

"Old friend" really is a bit far fetched, though: actually we went to high school together for 8 years, were good friends back then (she lived just down the street from me and picked me up to go to school together every morning), and then completely lost touch after A-levels. I went on to waste 4 years at university, went crazy and moved to Los Angeles, became a graphic designer and came back home with the love of my life. She went on directly to become an elementary school teacher, and has been doing this ever since. She got married about 3 years ago. A bit more straight-forward, I would say. We recently met again at our 10-year-reunion. She had a HUGE baby belly, and according to her midwife was due any day now. She looked really beautiful, had changed a lot since high school. We got back to talking, and even though things were a bit awkward - as could be expected after 10 years - our pregnancies kind of helped to smooth things over a bit.

We managed to stay in touch via e-mail since the reunion, and yesterday I received the news of her baby boy, and some photos.

She suggested we meet again in a few weeks, when things have settled a bit, and I am really thrilled at the prospect. It would be nice to re-connect to someone I have shared my teenage years with, and to have babies only a few months apart will be nice, too. Maybe I am getting a bit ahead of myself, but if things go well, I can already see us sitting in the park together with our little ones playing. Or maybe I am just desperately optimistic - I really hope for friends with similarly-aged babies when Booger is here, to exchange thoughts and experiences, and to spend some time with during maternity leave. The "meeting plans" with the chicks from my babyforum aren't going so well, and by now I actually doubt that one will ever happen at all. I don't know anybody else with a newborn, or a baby on the way, and my only real hope is Bee, who is already working hard on reproducing herself.

At any rate, seeing the pictures of her newborn really reaked havoc with my whole stoic "patient" attitude towards the situation. I am usually the most impatient person on earth, you must know. 9 months of pregnancy? Unbearable for somebody who wants everything RIGHT NOW, and who gives up on trying out new things if I can't make them work after five minutes. However, for this pregnancy I was determined to enjoy every day, every stage, every change as it is happening, for it really is a very special time. But seeing this newborn... the earliest picture being the baby laying on my friend's tummy right after birth, still unwashed and full of that cheesy goo... that has blown my patience right into the wind.

It really IS hard to remain patient, aside from the pregnancy: 6 more weeks until I stop working! 1 more month until our loan goes through! 1 more month until our 2 new laptops! 2 1/2 more months until our new apartment! The suspense is killing me... I can't wait for this NEW life to finally begin. 6 more weeks for the first step...

I am counting the events weekly. One thing per week for me to look forward to, something to make time pass by faster:

6 weeks: party at my sister's, ice cream with Bern and Bee... maybe a weekend in Germany

5 weeks: traditional summer pool party on the weekend at one of my best friend's house

4 weeks: I have my sister's adorable little doggy to sit all week while she's on vacation, glucose tolerance test at the lab, lake festival with fireworks on the weekend

3 weeks: my next gyn appointment, 2 days in Graz at a yearly fistball tournament on the weekend

2 weeks: 3D ultrasound!

1 week: LAST WEEK OF WORK!!!

...then I have 4 weeks of paid vacation... featuring one day in Bratislava per ship down the Danube River... and lots of subathing and swimming with my sister. At the end of the month my pregnancy gym classes start, and on September 1 my 16 weeks of maternity leave at FULL PAY begin... and 2 weeks after that, our apartment should be ready, too...

You see, little stepping stones. Going from event to event, looking forward to each, and trying to be patient and enjoying every day as they come. Enjoying the baby kicks that are getting stronger almost by the day! Patience... patience is a virtue (I don't posess).


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16 weeks FULL PAY???

I am living in the wrong country if I want to get preggers.

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