Wednesday, May 23, 2007

First Gifts

It's (almost) time for a new developmentmal video from! Almost - well, the video is actually a week ahead of my pregnancy, but I have been waiting to post the new one for a while now, and I am impatient. In the beginning, when so much was changing every week with the embryo, there were almost weekly videos, and now I have to be happy with a once-a-month one, so I hope you'll enjoy it along with me.

Amazing, isn't it? I cannot wait to see Baby again for real, my next gyn appointment is on June 14, still such a long way to go - but immediately after, on the 18th, I have to go into the hospital for the baby's organ screening. I am very excited, and anxious to see that everything is alright with our little one.

Last weekend, Tio#E's mother arrived in town from LA for a visit. I mention this, because her visit also brought us our very first gift for the baby: a fluffy white baby blanket with the word "baby" embroidered on it, and a cute white onesie with delicate blue embroidery on it - fitting a boy colorwise, and fitting a girl decorationwise. Needless to say, we were speechless - Geo especially, for whom these gifts really seemed to have driven the point home, much more actually than the ultrasound he has joined me for a few weeks ago.

He stood there with the onesie in his hands, staring at it in utter shocked amazement - more shocked than amazed, I reckon. Up until now this pregnancy has been pretty much "mine", meaning: the discomforts and changes I went through were not clear to anybody else unless I told them about it, and my belly hasn't been visible enough to make my pregnancy obvious to other people. Geo was well aware of it, but more as a theoretical concept, than something that's actually happening to him as well as to me. He later said to me that even seeing Baby move on the ultrasound monitor was still too theoretical to really grasp as something that's happening inside his wife's rather flat tummy RIGHT THEN as he was looking at it, but seeing the onesie and realizing that soon HIS CHILD will wiggle around in it was a bit too big of a reality bite for him to handle on the spot.

I thought it was immensely cute. :)

And I can't wait to actually start feeling Baby kicking me, for then it will be only a matter of time until Geo will be able to feel it too with his hand on my tummy. Unfortunately our baby monitor hasn't turned up any heart beat yet, probably due to my anterior placenta, so it will be a great tension relief to get some regular reminders of Booger's presence and liveliness. :)


Blogger I'm Just Sayin... said...

I just got reviewed by TWR and got a 3. They said I griped and moaned too much and the humor seemed to be only at other peoples expenses.

Waaaah...the score didn't bother me, but do I REALLY bitch and moan about life too much???

12:23 AM  
Blogger I'm Just Sayin... said...

OK - so my last comment was purely selfish and I didn't even mention your post!!!

How exciting about getting your first gift and Geo's reaction :-)

I have to say that the feeling doesn't go away. Even almost 6 years later, I still look at Hannah in awe and amazement, trying to grasp that she's something Deane and I created and that she grew in my stomach.

It's true that you forget the pain and agony that child birth brings, but you never ever forget that amazing feeling you get from creating something so special and full of love!!!

Thanks for the nice comment too! I'm not upset about the review at all, just needed some reassurances from friends that I'm not a whiny baby :-)

6:43 PM  

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