Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Letter to Booger, 27th Week, 2nd installment

Hey, Baby!

Camera-shy, aren't you? Not that I really mind, for it means that I will get to see you in 3d at least twice for the price of once, for they wouldn't have me pay the insane amount of money that this procedure is costing me until I have the results that I wanted, but I was so eager to get a good look at you regardless!

I guess you didn't like the procedure a whole lot, for at first you were prodded and shaken by the doctor, who tried to make you turn your head a bit and remove your elbow and hand from your face - to no avail, until she sent me out walking for a bit, in hopes that you would change your position. Stubborn little fella - of course you didn't, so she sent me walking again. Did you have fun making me do jumping jacks and other crazy movements in the waiting area of the office, until your Dad sat there with a huge grin from one ear to the other, saying I looked "cute" shaking you up a bit? At any rate, you showed your displeasure with my antics by squishing your face into the placenta, when I was back on the examination table and the doctor checked if you had removed your arm yet. So: no good pictures of you this time... but you don't get off the hook this easily: we rescheduled, and have another appointment in two weeks. Better luck with you next time!

It was really exciting to even get a glimpse of your cute little face, though, little as it was. It makes such a difference to get a blurry black-and-white impression of you, that can only be interpreted as a cute face by the imagination of loving parents - and to see you in a realistic 3d-picture. We now have a face to go with our fantasies and dreams of you - and I can tell you in all honesty and void of all exaggeration: you have the cutest face in the whole world. I haven't seen a cuter baby yet... and I doubt that I ever will. You are beautiful, my love, and you would do well to show us more of your face next time, because your Mommy and Daddy are absolutely crazy about you and can hardly wait to finally see you for real!

Things seem to be going pretty smoothly lately, no matter which way we look. A friend of ours has now definitely agreed to sell us her used nursery furniture for a quite good price (this was something I was worrying about a bit, actually), we have a meeting with our new apartment managers this week, and we even got a moving-in date already, too! And today, which feels best of all, after quite a while of bickering back and forth with the bank, we got our loan approved - and are now 100% ready to furnish our new home, and get ourselves two new laptops as well! Things are looking really great... now if only time would pass just a tad faster, and I could already be out of work (7 more days, not counting today!), and start to really pack up our stuff and move it over to the new and shiny place. I cannot wait to furnish your nursery, and decorate it, and get it all ready for your much awaited arrival!

Baby, you have no idea how loved and wanted you are, how everybody is looking forward to you. We want to provide you with the best start into life(TM) as we possibly can, and now the only thing that's between me and doing just that is just a little bit more time to pass by.

Keep on kicking!



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