Monday, July 09, 2007

Glucose Tolerance

Well, whatever hid behind the non-threatening term of "glucose tolerance test" - I didn't think that drinking two cups of sugary water would knock me off my socks the way it did.

Sure, it's important to find out, if my blood sugar is too high and my insulin production not regulated, therefore causing the baby to over-produce insulin and then be born a huge monster-baby that's prone to obesity and diabetes itself during its life (among other issues). I am glad I took the test, I am taking every test that's recommended and that rules out any problems for or with my baby, but DAYAMN, this one was the worst so far.

Not only did I have my blood drawn regularly, I also had my finger pricked and poked 3 times, and if there's anything I hate, it's someone pricking my finger and then squeezing the shit out of the the sensitive finger tip until a reasonably large drop of blood appears. I have issues with having my finger tips squeezed and my fingernails touched the wrong way - and this was DEFINITELY the wrong way! Three times wrong!

So I showed up there with a completely empty stomach, as I was told to. My blood was drawn in this state, and my finger was pricked for the first time as well. Then I was given this sugary fluid - 3 parts glucose/1 part water to be exact, and had to down it as fast as possible. Actually, I am quite proud of myself, considering that out of all the four or so pregnant ladies and Turks present, I drank it down the fastest, and the nurses had to reprimand the others to finish it faster. I am the valedictorian of glucose drinking, yay me.

As soon as I had it down, my baby started to go nuts inside of me. Can we say sugar-high? I was kicked and boxed and thumped in high-frequency, while I had to sit there and hold out in the waiting room for one hour, until it was time to be pricked again. I had a book with me, and I dozed off a little bit, so the wait wasn't too bad. Alas - I had to go through it yet again, wait another hour, and that's when it happened. My stomach started to revolt against the sugary goo, and I asked the nurse if I could go out for a walk until it was time for my final test. I was told no, I had to stay put, but that I could lay down in the back if I wanted to, apparently I was pale as a sheet. I took her up on the offer and was led to a small examination room that wasn't used at the moment, and laid down on the bed there until I felt slightly better. I had three doctors/nurses come check up on me in the 15 minutes that I was there, then I started to feel stupid and walked out into the waiting room again, claiming that I was feeling better.

Which I wasn't. I awaited my last turn more or less patiently. My blood sugar levels went from 84 (on an empty stomach) to 158 (1 hour after the sugar boost) to 124 (2 hours after). I get my official results tomorrow, but the internet tells me that I am well within range of normalcy for this kind of test. I left, and drove myself to work - pretty much all across the entire city. About halfway through I broke out into a cold sweat that had my whole body and my clothes drenched within 2 minutes, and a serious case of the shivers. I am not sure if this had anything to do with the glucose-solution, the fact that I saw my own blood (which I am very squeamish about), the fact that it was almost 11AM, I am pregnant, and I didn't have anything substantial in my stomach yet (but sugar-water!), or a combination from all of the above. I dunno how I made it to the office, but when I got out of the car into the relative heat of the morning, I was shivering in my ice-cold wet clothes. I hurried to the butcher and bakery down the street as fast as my shaky legs would carry me, and bought myself a steaming hot breaded chicken leg with potato salad, a large turkey-egg-tomato-salad sandwich, a curd-pastry and a pack of cocoa, all of which I couldn't devour fast enough once I was sitting on my desk.

I felt better - but then came the big low. I couldn't keep my eyes open in front of my monitor, and I couldn't get any work done. I got the OK from my boss to pretty much take nap at my desk, but that in the end did nothing but to make things worse. I think Baby was feeling just the same way: ever since the crazy bouncing after the sugar drink, I had barely felt any movement at all, and none whatsoever by the time I was in the office. We were both ready for bed, that was for sure.

I managed to stay all the way through until 4:30PM, I dunno how. I also don't know how I got home through rush hour, but I did it. Collapsed into bed immediately, and was woken 2 hours later by the heavy thunderstorm and the wind banging my window shut loudly. Otherwise I would still be asleep. In retrospect, I shouldn't have gone to work in the first place, but I only have 4 weeks left there anyway, and several short days due to more doctor's appointments, I didn't feel like I could leave my boss alone. Especially not after he had promised me the temporary raise, so that I would be eligible for more money from the government during the 16 weeks of full pay while I am home, before the very little maternity money for the next 2 years kicks in.

*sigh* I dunno how all these American women pull it off to go to work pretty much until they pop. I am only in the sixth month, and work is already taking a really big toll on me. Can't wait for my vacation next month!!!


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