Monday, July 23, 2007

Letter to Booger, 27th Week

Dear Baby!

First things first - I am truly sorry for last weekend. I really tried to avoid the scorching sun, and I can't really say that it's my fault that I got sunburnt even though I spent most of my time in the shadow, but since you are now probably able to open your eyes and discern dark from light, you probably got your share of this summer-weekend at the pool too. I tried to keep us reasonably cool by getting into the pool at regular intervals - I hope I didn't shock-freeze you, you certainly stopped moving every time I dipped you into the cold water. But I wasn't too worried, since first of all I believe you are padded well enough inside of me to probably don't notice a lot of the heat or the cold in the first place, and secondly you picked up your kicking again once I spent some time in the water, so we're cool, right? I am working on healing the slight sunburn on my upper belly... I really hope you weren't afflicted by this exposure to the sun.

But then... you just HAD to come during the hottest summer in history, didn't you? Imagine, last Friday we surpassed the hottest temperature ever measured in Austria since the beginning of temperature recordings. Up until now the record stood at 39.7°C - and last Friday the mercury climbed up to 40°C at some spots (including our city). For your Mommy, that's 15°C above her absolute limit of feeling well, I am really a true winter's child: it can never get too cold for me, and you will never hear me complain about the bitter cold in some winters, but the heat of summer absolutely does me in. I am really glad that I only have 9 days of work left here. The heat is absolutely unbearable, being pregnant with you makes it even a tad harder to deal with, because on more than one occasion I almost fell over with little twinkling stars before my eyes already, and could have hurt you if I did. Now imagine me working 8 hours in a hot and stuffy office under extreme time pressure. I can't concentrate, I can't focus, I don't even have enough energy to hold myself up straight on my chair, much less do something productive. Thankfully, today the heat seems to have lessened, with expected highs to "only" reach 33°C.

In terms of heat-tolerance, I really hope you got that gene from your father. Ha! Imagine you get my resistance for extreme cold, and his tolerance for extreme heat! You'll be all set, no matter in which direction the "predicted" climate catastrophe will tilt in the next years!

Anyway! We've been to our next regular checkup with the gyn last Thursday. Crazy... it's been five weeks already since I have last seen you, and back then I was already thinking: when I am here next time, I only have 2 more weeks to go at work. And now it really happened - and so fast! If time keeps on running like this, you'll be in my arms faster than I can say "labor".

Unfortunately your Daddy's work prevented him from coming with us again, but this time it's not a big tragedy, since today we're scheduled for a 3d-ultrasound with you - and he isn't going to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anything in the world!

Unfortunately my doc's software kind of didn't work as it should have, so he couldn't exactly tell me your weight, but he estimated you to weigh between half a kilo and three quarters of a kilo already. You're getting so big that only portions of you are visible anymore at a time. You had your knees folded in front of your chest, and I could follow your calves all the way down to your little feet and toes. There isn't a lot of detail visible in your face, but today we should see you in perfect clarity, and I am so excited! The photo we got isn't exactly showing you off greatly, but I am very curious about later on today - I really hope that you will cooperate!

Well, I have gained 7 kilos so far, which my doctor told me isn't bad for being at the end of the 6th month at all. My blood pressure looks great, and everything is well within order. I got my papers that will enable me to get my maternity pay once I am off of work, and I got another appointment for 5 weeks from now. It's amazing to think that there'll be only 2 or 3 more of these, before you will be born. One more week left in our second trimester, then we are officially in the home stretch!

I love you, my little baby - be good and cooperate later on, so we'll get a good look at your - undoubtedly CUTE - little face!



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