Friday, July 27, 2007

truly PREGNANT...

I am starting to understand why very pregnant women tend to complain about certain aches and discomforts they are going through. I mean, come on, as a reasonably early-along to mid-pregnoid, I have had it easy to brag about how well I am feeling, and how great this all is, right? I know it all, afterall, I am miss experienced! I never puked! I am totally down with this pregnancy thing!!!

Uh-huh. I humbly pull my metaphorical tail between my legs, and retract my words. Beat me, all you suffering big-bellied women who've done it all before me! I deserve it. No, wait. Baby is doing all the beating for you, ladies. As I am rapidly approaching month 7 - trimester 3, in other words - and my gut is reaching dimensions I never thought were possible before (- and yes, I KNOW, there's still a LOT more room to grow), I am starting to see how pregnancy can be a tad, well, uncomfortable.

Let's just overlook the fact that my baby seems to have found its new favorite hobby in punching and kicking my bladder nearly 24/7 for a second, and focus on the back ache. THE BACK ACHE! Sure, I had back problems before I got knocked up, but this is really becoming a problem now. Before my pregnancy, I think I moved on the verge of a slipped disk already... and now add sciatic nerve pain to the mix, and you have a whimpering, limping woman who, if not aided to get up from a lying position, assumes the stance of a flipped beetle: HELPLESS.

I can't sit for long (great for the office!), I can't lay on my back, I can't lay on a hard surface. I can't bend over, I can't lift heavy stuff, and the other day my right leg gave way beneath me when I shifted my weight over to the right and bent over slightly to make the bed, and I tipped over. I feel highly handicapped, and like my pregnancy has finally turned into an "ailment", which is the last thing I want it to be. I want to feel good about this, I want to enjoy this, and my back isn't exactly supporting my plans.

Also, because of Baby's new hobby, I have to run to the restroom at least 37 times a day, and 48 times a night. Peeing has turned into an absolute pet peeve of mine now, simply because it happens so MUCH, and it's so disruptive to my daily routine. And do you have any idea what a sore bladder feels like??? Kicked from within???

It's way too hot these days for me to wear my compression stockings, so my ankles turn into the dreaded cankles every night, sometimes bad enough to turn simple walking into a close to impossible feat - or at least a very painful one.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my 7th month, my 3rd trimester, and I will spend it walking around ALL DAY in furniture stores, first looking for a bedroom, then looking for a suitable hardwood floor. I wonder by when my back will give in, and I will turn into that whimpering and limping wimp again. After one hour? Two?

And how is this belly supposed to grow for another THREE MONTHS???


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