Monday, August 27, 2007

my back, my back...

Did the little pregnancy ticker in this website header just jump over into the eighth month? How'd that happen? :)

I can't believe how close we are getting to actually having this baby. I mean... the eighth month? That's only one month away from the ninth, right? That's 8 more weeks until October 27th. That's... really CLOSE!!!!!!! o_O

My vacation, and therefore my last "official" days as an employee are drawing to an end now, too. Maternity leave officially starts on September 1, which is only 5 days away. Yet these past 3 weeks of me being home feel like an eternity already!

As far as my pregnancy itself is concerned, well, it's getting... a bit uncomfortable. I hate having to say this at all, especially considering what a breeze it's been up until this point, and considering how I can't stand whining and complaining, especially not about something so beautiful and miraculous as a pregnancy. But it is what it is. I try to keep the whining to a minimum, and I try to keep up with everything that's going on without complaining. Yet, if that's such a good idea I don't know:

Last Saturday we went to what you Americans would probably call a Renn Fair. It's only about an hour's drive away from Vienna - no big deal. Two weeks ago I took a boat down the Danube River to Bratislava, and walked around the city for 12 hours, and it was all good, right? Right. Right. 2 weeks do a difference maketh, this late in pregnancy. We only spent a few hours at the fair, watching a tournament show (which were two hours of sitting in the shade, not even walking around), eating a bit, and strolling around the castle a bit. My patience with the crowd (- and especially the many children there!) was wearing very thin very fast, much to my own surprise, the heat was taking a toll on me in my compression stockings underneath my pants. I was miserable, tired, hot, sweaty, completely exhausted. I couldn't really believe it - normally I enjoy events and crowds like these a lot. We were home by mid-afternoon, and I was just as exhausted, if not more, as I was after our whole-day Bratislava adventure.

It moved me to stop thinking about and planning for our trip to Venice for our first wedding anniversary also, which will take place in two weeks. Running around for 2 days in a hot Italian city? After 6 hours of driving one way? While almost 8 months pregnant? Yeah, I don't think so either. :(

Well... what else besides that? My feet turn into watermelons at night time now regularly if I don't wear my compression stockings - which I don't do with the still ongoing extreme humid heat. That's not so bad - only since a few days my hands have decided to make like my feet as well. And that's not very comfortable. At least that explains some of my recent extreme weight gain.

And sleep? Forget it. As soon as I lay down I have to pee, and I have to pee just about every 7 seconds. But that's okay, that's a regular pregnancy-side-effect I am not complaining about. However, when my back is so bad that I almost can't get out of bed by myself anymore without help, reaching the toilet turns into quite a feat. Especially at 3 in the morning. My back is turning into my biggest problem now. Really, if it wouldn't be for that, this pregnancy would be like a dream. I do feel great besides it (- and besides the very normal pregnancy ailments described above), and this pain is really spoiling my experience. I am getting very little sleep, because every position I am in hurts, and every position change shoots enormous pain daggers into my lower back, and it takes me several minutes for each shift. I can't get out of bed, or up from a chair, out up from the couch, without something or someone to lean on and to support my weight, and kind of pull myself up. Putting weight onto my right side makes me right leg give way beneath me, so I limp around most of the time, feeling rather inhibited in everything I do. The apartment is a mess around me, mostly because I can't bend over to pick up things, or remain in the slightly hunched-forward position for long that it takes to wash the dishes.

Right now I can't imagine where this will go in the next two months. If it will even interfere with my ability to give birth the natural way. I am the last one to complain about regular pregnancy back-ache, really, and I wouldn't have typed out this whole entry if that's what it exclusively was. Yeah, I have sciatic nerve pain, and I know that's from the baby. That's my limping and the leg giving way beneath me. That's fine. But my inability to get up once I am laying down, or to not be able to lift my pelvis from a lying position, or even my legs, and that I have to roll around in order to get up relatively painless - that's NOT from the baby. That's a disc problem - I am almost certain of it. After giving birth I will have it checked out and x-rayed, so it can be fixed. For now I guess I have to deal with it, and wait through the next 8 weeks.

8 weeks...! How crazy. :)


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