Friday, September 07, 2007

Crazy Weather!

Was I complaining all throughout the recent months about the extreme heat, and how Booger has decided to make his appearance during the HOTTEST summer I can remember, I really have to mention for the record what's going on now.

And by HOTTEST I do mean: HOTTEST. Maybe I just felt it more than usual because of the pregnancy, but since I wasn't the only one suffering, I am pretty sure my perception wasn't off. And not only was it hot, it was extremely humid too. It was so hot, that not even the prospect of going swimming to cool off was enticing enough to make me leave the apartment. I had the blinds down all day to keep the sun out, and if I fell asleep on the couch with the fan blowing at me, I woke up 20 minutes later soaked in my own sweat. Sleeping at night was difficult for much the same reason. I took a shower and 5 minutes later my clothes were drenched in sweat again. In some areas of Austria (inlcuding the one I live in), the all-time heat record has been broken, and 40°C were reached.

This went on for pretty much the whole of July and August. And started sometime in June. Then September rolled around. September is 7 days old today, and we've been wrapping ourselves in warm jackets for at least 4 of those days already. It's been raining constantly, parts of the surrounding areas are flooded with the rivers crawling out of their beds, and the temperature doesn't climb above 13°C anymore.

From an average of 27°C down to 13°C - seamlessly, from one day to the next. Snow has started to fall in the Alpes, and today on the news I read a story of large expected losses in cattle, that the farmers didn't have time to move back down into the villages anymore, before the snow hit. The cattle is up in the mountains still, food is running out, and the farmers can't get up there to either replenish their food or bring them down into the stables, because of constant snow fall and high risk of avalanches.

Again... it's September 7 today. Still summer in some years... light onset of fall in most others. Last year, on September 9 we got married in a Viennese castle on one of the most beautiful and warm cloudless and sunny days of the year. People were still wearing short sleeves, and the sun was bright like it had been all throughout summer.

Crazy weather. And try not to get sick going with these drastic changes.

And on a more personal note... I hoped to get through September with my short-sleeved maternity shirts and my light pair of summer pants, for I am not really equipped with many long-sleeved alternatives. If it keeps going like that, I will have to buy more clothes after all, not to mention a jacket wide enough to close over my belly...


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