Sunday, September 02, 2007

Letter to Booger, 33rd week

My dear Baby;

"Baby"... it's getting harder and harder referring to you in this way, since to us you are already such a person, and so present. It would be so much easier to refer to you as "he" or "she", and maybe even use a name, but we decided not to find out your sex until your birthday, because of the surprise and the suspense - something that modern pregnancies are quite void of because of the wonders of medicine. You know, your Daddy was pretty certain that I would crumble, and that my impatience would get the better of me, and that I would ask the doctor about your sex as soon as it was possible. Well, I proved him wrong... I never cracked, and it was interesting to see how the question of your sex turned from "extremely hard to suppress" to "completely irrelevant, just as long as you are healthy", to "I wish I'd know how to refer to my own child". By now it's not a matter of asking a doctor anymore though: more an intense curiosity, and a need to finally get to know you face to face rather than fist to bladder. :)

At least I think we have finally decided on a name for you. You have no idea how hard of a decision a name is, it is something you will have to live with all your life, and hopefully be comfortable with. Your name is what you will identify with, which really put another spin on our name game with you, since we want you to identify as both Austrian as well as Mexican. You will have two names, one reflecting each culture that you are a part of, and it is our hope and our wish that you will accept both and identify with both equally.

It is interesting that the girl's name I have had my mind set on ever since I can remember suddenly started to annoy me, now that I really had to consider it, in case you turn out to be a girl. I never thought this was possible, I thought finding a name for you would be just a matter of adding a Spanish name to the German one I liked, a real breeze. I didn't expect the big headache that my sudden annoyance with my favorite name suddenly gave me. Your boy's name was way easier, since your Daddy immediately agreed to my favorite boy's name. Adding a Spanish one was a bit more tricky to make it fit with our last name, but I think we have a winner. I think we also finally settled on a girl's name for you, and it feels like a huge weight off my shoulders now. Nevermind the fact that some months ago we have already cut wooden letters and painted some of them, spelling my original suggestion - which we will now have to redo.

My love, can you believe, that we're in our eighth month of being together already? The calendar says it's only 55 more days until your calculated arrival! 8 more weeks, give or take. At this point I would like to ask you to please stay where you are, no matter the levels of stress you may experience in the next couple of weeks from me. We're moving, you see... finally! It's a done deal, we're getting the keys to our new family home next week! I am trying not to stress over anything, and your Daddy (- and just about everybody else) are keeping me from getting too involved with all the heavy work, but there is just so much to do and so much to organize and buy! Our current apartment (which I am very glad you never had to experience yourself) is a mess of packed boxes at the moment, and a bunch of empty suitcases from your great-grandparents that are still waiting to be filled. Your Daddy and I worked hard today on packing as much as possible, yet it feels like we have barely scratched the surface of what needs to be done. It will be an exhausting week to say the least. Just relax and grow while I am busy preparing for our new life and your arrival, ok?

I am sure it's getting pretty tight in my belly for you by now. The doctor said two weeks ago that you are weighing almost two kilos already, and your head is already pointing downwards, as it should be. I feel your kicks and punches even stronger than I did before, and you are really entertaining your Daddy and I at night time, when your antics make my belly move around and bulge out and just perform an overall crazy dance. We can't wait to watch you kicking and moving about in your crib!

All my love,


Anonymous Cat said...

I love that you're giving your child a name that will incorporate both sides of his or her heritage. I have both an English name and a Chinese name, and really appreciate. Hopefully the booger will too!

6:34 AM  

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