Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hello, "Lee"!

Well, A.'s little daughter "Lee" was born on October 15th, at 8:51PM, measuring in at 49 cm and weighing 3500 grams.

A. took the time and the effort to send me a MMS with a picture of her baby girl and all the relevant info only 2(!) hours after birth - making me feel extremely special and fuzzy. I most definitely plan on returning the favor, but I wonder if there won't be a thousand other things on my mind only 2 hours after giving birth?

I found that so extremely sweet of her. Tomorrow I will go visit her in the hospital after my acupuncture session - I can barely wait!

It was very surreal to receive her MMS, though. Since we've been going through our pregnancies pretty much "together" from the beginning, seeing her with her newborn in her arms was a bit of a shock - something to drive the point home. It also made me extremely envious, and horribly impatient. There are still no signs of labor going to happen anytime soon, just an occasional light pulling sensation, like menstrual cramps. Nothing even remotely painful. There are still 10 days left until the due date... but somehow I have a slight (uncomfortable) feeling that my baby will cook in there even a bit longer than that.

Any bets?


Blogger imagoii said...

LOL - no bets here .. but I know the feeling ... the whole pregnancy I've thought - oh no worries this baby won't be late ... now, I've got this nagging wonder ... will we still be cooking away after the due date??? Fingers crossed for both of us!

7:12 PM  

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