Friday, September 14, 2007


Oh, mighty chaos. I am not sure if I should be glad that Booger isn't here yet while all of this is going on, or if I should bemoan the fact that I can't do a thing in my own apartment, because nobody is letting me. My Mom even sent me to lay down and sleep for a bit while everybody was working. I said: "Geez, do I look that tired?" She just said yes. So off I was sent, to take a nap, while everybody else was working on installing our new hardwood floor in the living room.

But then I do admit that it was quite a hard and long day. Starting with my appearance before an official of the parking demeanor office, to fight a ticket I have unjustly received - to no avail, rushing to make it on time to my pregnancy gym class right afterwards... rushing home to register our new address of residence with the city, going shopping so that all our helpers have enough to eat and drink during the day... to coming home to utter chaos and furiously working family members.

So now almost a third of the kitchen and living room are equipped with the hardwood floor, which looks gorgeous beyond description - white oak and all. Our bedroom closet is up, our new washer is installed. Hopefully finishing the flooring tomorrow, while Mom and I will clean the old apartment enough to return the keys to our landlady. Hopefully all the big stuff will be done by the end of the weekend, so that I can spend the whole of next week working on what I am most excited over: yes, I am talking about the nursery.

So much stuff to do... so relatively little time. Doesn't help that my Mom already mentioned how my belly looks like it went down a bit already... a sure sign that birth won't be TOO far in he future... I just hope that everything in the new place will be in livable order by then... o_O


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