Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The new Place! :)

Well, I just awoke from spending our second night here in the new apartment. Obviously, this place is still very much unliveable due to an extreme lack of pretty much everything but running water, and we didn't actually expect to spend the nights here already before we get our bedroom delivered - but our excitement really got the better of us, and Geo blew up an air mattress on Monday. The chaos in our old place is just too much right now - and who wants to sleep in their own apartment, really, when the new one is ready and waiting?

We have spent all of Monday, after I received our keys, picking up the largest things with my cousin's truck: an old couch, our new hardwood floor, our dining table and couch table from our apartment, tons of boxes - and of course the nursery furniture, the stroller, the car seat, and a huge box of baby clothes. Nothing has found its right place yet, since we want to paint the nursery walls first, but I feel so much better now than I did only a few days ago: at least I have a nursery now, even if we still have to prepare it.

The walls will be two shades of green, with a yellow decorative border separating the two tones. In the upper (lighter) green we want to paint some Aztec animals with the darker green, and yesterday I bought three packets of fluorescent stars for the ceiling above the bed. Whenever we finish them (meaning: whenever we really and finally decide on a name), I will glue our wooden letters above the bed on the wall also.

I am very excited about everything... and I still have to sort through the box of baby clothes that I have received. I will sort the stuff after size, and see what is then still left for me to buy. One of our new neighbors, whom I already met and talked with at that first informative meeting a few weeks ago, also approached me on Monday, offering for me to look through her boxes of baby stuff, as she has two older sons, and would otherwise get rid of all her baby things if I don't want them. How amazing is that? :)

Well, lots of things to do. Last night Geo painted our bedroom in a wonderful chocolate brown color, which will go wonderfully with our new light brown bedroom furniture. I have arranged for our bedroom to be delivered tomorrow, and today there's lots of buying things planned. And painting the kitchen. It's all very exciting... the only problem is that it seems like with everything going on right now I have very little time enjoying and appreciating my large baby belly, or spend some good quality time with my unborn baby. My belly just seems in the way, and I am annoyed that I cannot really work in my own apartment. The only help I am allowed to give is to hold doors open while everybody else is huffing and puffing and dragging our stuff, and to paint the walls in eye-height, where I don't have to stretch up or bend down. It's a bit frustrating, that I am here, having all the time in the world to work, yet I have to wait on Geo and/or my family to get anything done at all.


Anonymous KingOfChaos said...

How do you pick up a new hardwood floor? :P

9:17 AM  
Blogger Q. said...

by going to the store, paying for it, and loading it into your truck, and then taking it home? I am not sure I understand your question... :P

10:47 PM  

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