Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shrek away!

Thank you, I feel better now. If you ignore the fact that I kept Geo up all night with my incessant throaty coughing from the depths of my rattling lungs, that is. What a fun night! My lungs are slimed up to the rim, so you'd think the cough would help that. Think again. All they do when I breathe and cough are rattle and keep me awake. Pair that with my newest pregnancy-discovery, and you'll know what my night was like:


Never in my entire life did I ever suffer one instance of heartburn, ever, so I had no idea what this was like - or how painful it could be, or how to deal with it once it strikes. Please remind me not to eat pizza anymore right before going to bed - or anything else for that matter. It was either coughing or writhing in pain over my esophagus, which felt like the fires of hell were eating themselves through it. My pregnancy has been pretty easy so far, except for my back pain, and a few normal discomforts here and there, but this heartburn-thing really qualifies as painful. And it keeps me from sleeping. No good combination.

Tomorrow I'll have my next (- and last!) gyn appointment, which I am looking very forward to. Not so much to stepping on the scale again, but certainly to seeing our baby again. It's been five weeks since the last time, and seeing how I have been sick, and moving, and running a high fever, it will be be good reassurance that everything is indeed okay. It really is mind-boggling though... how fast things have been going. I heard from other women how their pregnancies seemed to drag on forever, and how long they felt to them... but I absolutely cannot say the same about mine. It feels like yesterday when I saw the first heartbeat, or the first embryonic arm-and-leg wiggles, or went to the organ screening in the 20th week... and now I am only a very few weeks away from giving birth to this baby. It's been a breeze, it's gone by very fast, I felt incredibly good for the most part, and I love being pregnant. With the exception of the new addition of heartburn, I don't even experience any of the "horrible discomforts of the third trimester" that I have read and heard about. Even my back as taken a leap for the better since I am sleeping in our new bed on our new mattress. Sure, I get tired easily... and I am not too graceful anymore, and things get done in a snail-like speed, but that hardly qualifies as "horrible discomfort". On the contrary, I feel so good, that I am always kind of waiting to feel worse in order to be "properly pregnant", and I think the onset of labor will kind of catch me by surprise - since I haven't felt "really bad" yet.

Still, I am nervous when I realize that I have just entered my 36th week of pregnancy. There are still so many things we want to do (like go to a photographer, paint my belly, and make a mold of it), and it seems like there won't be enough time to get them all done. The apartment is still chaos for the most part - and trust me when I say that the green in the nursery has turned out to be some kind of radioactive Shrek-colored hell, a visual assault if ever you have seen one. Especially when the sun shines in and even intensifies the green sheen. Walking down the hall towards the open door of the nursery, there is a green shine emanating from the room and reflecting off the hall that reminds me of the radioactive stick Homer Simpson is pulling out of the back of his shirt and tossing into the gutter in the intro of The Simpsons.

We were so mad at ourselves for having messed this up so badly - we call ourselves "artists" after all, and are known to have a keen eye for color and color combinations. And I can't even blame it on the hormones, because Geo was just as into the green when we picked it out in the store as I was. So we went back to the store and bought another color combination... a very toned down pastel green with a very toned down creamy beige/brown. A lot more nursery-like. Geo is painting as I type... I really hope this one works out now, I am getting really anxious to get the nursery done - didn't help that all throughout the day yesterday, while walking from store to store, I was plagued by light contractions and extreme cervical pressure. My mother says that my belly has dropped even more since last week... and I am having nightmares of the baby deciding to come already, way before I have anything really prepared for it.

Overall, things are progressing smoothly in the apartment, though. Our kitchen looks absolutely fantastic, we bought bathroom furniture yesterday, we just had our blinds put into the windows, and we bought a ton of little yet essential stuff, like bedside lamps, towels, a bathroom rug, a toilet brush, some decorative items... even a plant - which is quite daring, considering I have two cats with a VERY intense taste for greenery, and I haven't dared keeping plants in my apartments in about 6 years - except a cactus.

(I have sprayed the plant with perfumed water, as I have read should repel cats effectively without harming them. So far it seems to work. *knocks on wood*)

Well, I have plans to really use the kitchen as it is intended to - which is a big feat, as you know, if you know me. I have ordered the weekly delivery of fruit/veggies/eggs/milk from a farm nearby, instead of buying such things in the supermarket. That way I can be certain that the fruit and veggies were biologically grown, meaning without chemical aids and fertilizers, and the eggs do not come from hen batteries. I feel very good about that decision, and I will look for ways to make all these veggies that will land on my doorstep in a weekly manner into healthy and tasty meals. Maybe I'll finally learn how to cook, and appreciate the actual act of cooking, afterall.


Blogger Ren said...

You're down to 28 days! 28 DAYS!!!!!

I can't wait. I hope you're feeling much better. though. *hug*

2:50 AM  

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