Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sick! :(

No wonder I looked so tired, that my Mom sent me to bed while everybody else was working! Two nights ago I suddenly came down with a bad cold, which climaxed last night in a bout of relatively high fever - 38,5°. We were really worried about Booger, since I read that a fetus' temperature is always a degree higher than the mother's - which would have put the baby up to almost 40° fever! Geo spent about an hour sitting next to me, and cooling my belly down with a cold cloth, also my forehead, my chest, and my arms. He managed to really cool off the skin on my belly, and after about an hour we had my fever down by a whole degree, which is also when I started to feel a light kicking sensation again - it's been awfully quiet before that.

The fever is down now, and I feel much better overall today. Just really rather tired, which messes with my plans of getting some shopping done today: a security cat net for the balcony, a ceiling-high scratching post...

A lot has happened in the apartment-department too since my last entry. Mom and I have cleaned our old place on Monday, Geo came later to help restore all the old and ugly furniture, hang the ugly flower-print curtains again, and replace our nice rug with the ugly Persian one that was in there before. It was a HUGE relief when he and my Dad finally returned our keys to our landlady, and thus were really and finally rid of the old place. Dad and Geo have dragged tons of stuff that's not needed in the apartment down to our basement storage department, making more room here. The phone line was installed today, and tomorrow the kitchen will be delivered, and put up on Friday.

Geo even finally found the time to start painting the nursery. It turned out... well... very green. I am a sucker for green... but this room really is GREEN. I am not sure right now if I really like it, but one thing for sure: it's a warm color. Let's see how it looks like when it's done, with the furniture in place, and some decoration up. I am really anxious to have it done, but it looks like it will be another few days until then. Besides, my rocking chair still hasn't made it to the store where I ordered it to, and without that, no nursery is complete.


Blogger Hollipop said...

Aw, I hope you feel better soon. Man, moving last summer almost killed me and I was neither pregnant nor fluey. I feel for ya!

I see you have 34 days left. Man, it's gonna go fast! I can't believe our neice has been here for nearly a month and a half already!

7:48 AM  

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