Thursday, October 25, 2007

The process has begun...

Ah, yes, labor. Seems like it has finally begun for me, though not yet actively. I know this current state can possibly drag on for days - alas, let me start with today's appointment in the hospital.

It actually was quite a comfortable examination: lay on your side on this really comfortable bed with all these nice pillows for half an hour with a net around your belly and a heartrate-monitor strapped beneath it. Sleep if you want to... or read something. Hey, we could even dim the lights for you! Listen to your baby's heartbeat and relax.

I actually did fall asleep to the constant strong little thumping of my baby's heart. It was quite nice, especially getting the "everything is perfectly fine" result out of it. Some light contraction activity was monitored and recorded as well. Good!

The doctor then performed a vaginal exam. And some vaginal exam that was. She apologized beforehand... I was all like "Huh?", which then quickly turned into "OUCH!!!" as her finger went places nobody and nothing has ever gone before. What the hell was she doing??? Nothing any doctor has ever done to me before in that general area has ever actually hurt before - what was going on???

As she retrieved she smiled at me, and informed me that my cervix currently is actually dilated one whole finger's width! And not only that, she could feel the baby's head with her finger!

I wasn't sure how to react to these news - I was excited and nervous at the same time.. terrified and elated equally strong. Marveling yet again at my body and what it's doing, having great respect for the process that apparently has already started inside of me. The mucous plug, which I thought to have lost yesterday night, actually is gone completely, confirming my suspicion.

I got a new appointment for another checkup for next Tuesday - along with a wink from the doctor, and a small hint that she doesn't think it'll ever come to that.

I went home, feeling really strange. It's one thing, knowing on some rational level that yes, I am 40 weeks pregnant, yes, I will go into labor soon, yes, I will have a baby soon - but it is completely different knowing that the process has already begun - that I am already walking around with a slightly dilated cervix, that indeed I could go into labor anytime now.

As in... for reals.

Very surreal.

To add to all of this, I have been having some real contractions all throughout the day. They are coming extremely irregularly, and are spaced quite far apart, so I am not alarmed yet. I am keeping an eye on them, and I have to admit that some of them have gotten quite painful, forcing me to actively breathe through them. Yet I doubt that anything will happen tonight - I still have 2 more days to go until the due date, so maybe I'll even have a on-the-spot punctual baby?

Not sure how much posting I will get done before I will give birth. Just, whoever reads this, wish me luck that all will go well and that we'll be a little family soon! :)


Blogger imagoii said...

WooHoo! How exciting! Thinking of you and hoping that everything goes quickly and well! Can't wait to hear all about it and "meet" your little one!

10:16 PM  
Blogger KingOfChaos said...

Hell, you should have just had them induce labor. Seems to me the kid is ready to come out, just lacks motivation. :P

8:55 AM  

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