Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pulling and cramping...

Update... well, nothing really to update, is there? 4 days to go until the estimated due date, and I am closely monitoring my body for any signs of oncoming labor. Every night I go to bed, wishing to be waken up by a gush of amniotic fluid, or some real contractions, finally.

I've been having a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions, in the last couple of days they have become a lot more frequent, but not in any way serious or painful. Sleeping at night has become a thing close to impossibility: sleeping on my right doesn't bode well with Baby, who kicks me really hard into my ribs when I do so. Sleeping on my left gives me a lot of back pain for some reason - and sleeping on my back (I am usually a back-sleeper and have been throughout this pregnancy as well) is suddenly really making me feel uncomfortable, giving me a pulling sensation all over my tummy.

And then, when I finally get somewhat comfortable, I have to go to the bathroom. o_O

Last night, however, I finally did wake up twice because of a contraction - it was enough to interrupt my sleep, but not enough to keep me up. In the morning I thought it was all gone, but I have since had several more Braxton-Hicks, and a quite constant pulling sensation, not unlike what it feels like when my period is coming on. I am not sure what this is, for a contraction is supposed to have a definite beginning and a definite end, and this is just a constant feeling.

In two days I am scheduled for a checkup in the hospital in the morning, and acupuncture around noon. I will ask for a check of my cervix as well, to see if I am dilated at all yet. Of course I hope that maybe I go in for birth instead of a checkup...?

Between starting to type this entry and finishing it, I have spent a couple of hours on the couch, during which the pulling sensation has not ceased. No real contractions, though... so let's see what's up with that. Maybe I will have some news to report after next night...


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